• Bali is a internationally renowned tourist destination & the focal point for visitors interested in learning about Indonesia's cultural diversity and natural wealth.
  • Bali Carnaval is a tourism event showcasing both a wedding exhibition and street carnival based on creative costume concepts & theme in Bali for 2 days which supports the growth of the creative industries with a goal of generating a national target of 20 million tourist visitors over the next 5 years.
  • Bali has an abundance of wonderful, mystic and alternative locations to facilitate weddings of all requests including seaside, temples, churches, ballrooms & much more.


BALI CARNAVAL 2015 is being held on the initiative of the Association of Carnival Indonesia (AKARI Bali) in cooperation with RajaMICE & SIPCO and supported by BPPD Badung, the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, the Department of Culture & Tourism of Bali Province, Badung Tourism Office, DPD ASITA Bali & BPD PHRI Bali, Bali Wedding Association and JP Pro Bali.


Vision and Mission

Vision :

  • Becoming a much anticipated annual tourist attraction of international standard & Bali's newest tourism jewel.

Mission :

  • Introduce the cultural diversity of Indonesia in general with Bali with particular attention to Bali.
  • To help the promotion of domestic tourism & tourists visiting Bali.
  • Creating a positive image of Bali as a favourite tourist destination that accommodates cultural diversity within its many provinces and locations.
  • As events / media unifier among local governments to promote  each local destination.